Introducing Referral Sales Training Courses on LinkedIn Learning!

Need a guide on your journey to referral selling success?

To get referrals, all you need to do is ask for referrals, right? Um, no. There are lots of reasons that doesn’t work: 

  • There IS a right way to ask for referrals. (Do you know it?)  
  • You’ll prioritize everything else over asking for referrals. (Because it’s hard.)  
  • You haven’t established metrics for referrals. (In sales, what gets measured gets done.)  
  • Someone might refuse to give you a referral. (So why even bother, right?)  
  • Referrals aren’t a consistent, reinforced methodology in your organization. (Translation: They don’t scale.) 

For the record, referrals DO scale, but only when you have a disciplined referral program with skills building and accountability for results. A referral methodology—like the one I teach in my sales training courses—addresses the biggest challenges that sales teams face: 

  • Generating a consistent stream of qualified leads  
  • Getting meetings with decision-makers in one call, while your competitors are still cold calling and pestering strangers on social media  
  • Bypassing the gatekeeper and getting welcomed into the C-suite  
  • Shortening your sales process by decreasing prospecting time  
  • Converting prospects into clients at least 50 percent of the time, usually more than 70 percent  

Got your attention?

Whether you are just getting started with referral selling, have dipped your toe in the water in the past, or you (finally!) want to make referrals the way you work, now is the time to dig in. Here’s the process I recommend to get you up to speed: 

Step 1: Benchmark Your Referral Selling Skills Still not sure if referral selling training will help you reach your quota? Take my 14-question Referral I.Q. Quiz to see how you match up to your peers and what training you need to further develop your referral methodology.

Take the Referral I.Q. Quiz

Step 2: Take the Referral Selling Course I produced an easy-to-watch referral selling course through LinkedIn Learning and Composed of short, four-minute videos, this training will help build your referral skills. (Think “muscle memory.”) You’ll get a taste of how I can help your sales team with customized learning, reinforcement, and coaching. Plus, you’ll get access to other LinkedIn Learning sales training courses. Here’s my first training video free of cost—it’s my gift to you:  

Access the full course on LinkedIn Learning 

Step 3: Integrate Referral Selling into Your Sales Process Watching isn’t the same as doing. These sales training courses, as powerful as they are, won’t transform your business by themselves. You need to put this information to work. To truly master referral selling, you need a referral program that fits your business model. In addition, your team needs one-on-one practice, reinforcement, and coaching to get them effectively using these proven referral selling techniques. Schedule a 30-minute meeting with me. Together, we’ll evaluate your team’s readiness to hardwire referral selling into your sales process.  

To schedule 30 minutes with Joanne, call 415-461-8763 or email